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Not Charging Battery




my car is toyota ce110 1997 auto

today suddenly following symptoms occured

gear indicators not working. But gears work normally

meter panel lamps for heaters, abs not working but airbag , door lamps works

when door opened, with key in key hole, bell works

voltage of car after starting is about 12.2v. Usually this goes to about 14v

car starts normally

ac, ac fan not working. But lamps behind them are working. Bulbs which illuminate Instrument panel works ok

head lamp and dome lamp and parking lamps works ok

reverse camera not engaging on reverse gear. But radio set works.

this started when i put car to reverse gear. Reverse indicator on meter panel turned on briefly and then turned off.

can you help me to diagnose


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Not sure about all those but

but i had a issue with some of the dashboard indicators, hood light and my reverse camera didn't work

turn out to be 2 blown out fuses that caused it..

about abs, the abs check noise work when you turn in the key to accessories?

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correct me if i'm wrong, but isnt this the same car where the meter cluster was messed with?

battery voltage levels are normal. can't be a charging issue.

yes it is. But i have unmessed it long ago and it was working fine since then as intended.

battery charging voltage is listed as around 14v when engine is running in many al threads.


it is not abs bell, just the bell which warn about open door. I will check fuses and thanks for tip.

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Did you check the fuse for the meter cluster and blower?????

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actually i didnt ask that question right

i wanted to ask whether the check noise that the ABS make when u turn on the car work but seems you got it fixed. good luck



Can you please explain about ABS check noise? Is it the sound which occurs (which is heard like small electric motor runs for a half second) when key turn into Ignition?

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Yeah its the sound of a electric motor that comes when you turn on the ignition

its called the ABS Self Check sound. soon after the check is done the ABS light stops illuminating on the dashboard.

What happens is that, in like 3 short seconds it does a test on the hydraulic pump and whether the electricity is distributed properly and etc to make sure that the ABS wont fail. while driving

If the self test find any faults, it will keep illuminating the ABS light which means ABS is not working (Brakes still work without the assist of ABS)

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