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I am having some confusions regarding car audio. I might sound stupid. But would appriciate your assistance

I am having an EK3 which has 4 speakers and two channels(which is left and right) where 2 were allocated to each channel.

so my questions are

  1. When you look for speakers at shops. They come in pairs(and some they come with a seperate tweeter). But my car has 4 speaker. So if i am in need to improving the sound quality, do I have to buy 2 speaker sets(which will have 4 speakers all together) or are there 4 speaker systems on sale?
  2. What should i consider before i buy a speakers
  3. is one sub-woofer enough to provide a bass punch?? or are there a number (like in home theater systems 5.1 channels etc)
  4. What does an amplifier do? and is it necessary to install one??

I am planning to install a pioneer DEH-P9400 setup and JBL speakers (not finalized yet)

Please advice me

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1. You can go for 2 sets of speakers i.e. 1 from each set for one channel. cant say anything abt types of speaker sets u need without knowing where exactly the speakers are placed & the sizes. ex; there are 9x6 full range ones/ones with tweeters, 4' 6' 8' round ones so it totally depends on how you wanna hear things.. just for fun Google harman kardon speaker plans on mercs bimmers etc.. last week i traveled in the back seat of a 7 series for few hours... man its like an orchestra, from the crappy radio to 320kbps mp3 to audio cds everything sounds perfect & acoustic. its a BJ for ur ears ;)

2. consider the Brand, depth of the drive it it is bass oriented. frequency range, max threshold, pmpo n all..

3. One sub is enough unless u gonna hire ur car for outdoor parties. put a 12' sub

4. Most of the setups nowadays outs 2 channels of 50W or more.. so that is more than enough for inside the car & the sub normally comes with an inbult amp around 300W or more.. so that is well enough. dont waste ur money on seperate amps.

Installing a sound system is an art machan.. simply fixing the setup and the speakers will not do any good. u need to place the speakers.. match the frequencies, balance sounds to get the max of it. so get it done from a professional.. otherwise ur car will sound like another 3wheeler. :D

P.S. There is a JBL Speaker sale at Abans u can get a good pair for less than 10K.. not sure abt the closing date so hurry. ill post the ad here if i can find it somewhere.

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1 You will have to buy 2 sets of speakers. If you go for Components in front you will have a total of 6 speakers. The tweeters can be mounted on the dash or the doors

2 Main consideration is the clarity and quality you are expecting and the amount you are willing to spend. If you will have to consider the brand name, Watts RMS, and whether 2 way or 3 way. I would suggest a set of component speakers for the front. You could buy a set of Infinity or JBL components for less than 18K.

3 If you have a good set of 6X9s you wouldn't actually need a Sub unless you are a Bass freak. But if you really need a Sub a 10" or a 12" would do. And one is enough if you wont play it outdoors.

4 An Amplifier amplifies the sound signal generated by the Head unit resulting in a more powerful and clear signal. Most of the High end speakers are designed to be driven by amplifiers. Most of the modern Head units has around 50W R.M.S per channel and provides good music till about 50% of its total volume without much distortions. But if you are looking for high quality music invest on a 4 channel amplifier as suggested by Komi.

Listen to different brands by playing different types of music and select the one which makes u r ears happy :)

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component is the way to go if you are the type demanding for high quality together with an amp and equalizer should do. the general factor should be the type of music you listen to some speakers are more attuned to that sought of music polk audio, mtx, sound ordance and infinity are some of the brands you can experiment or atleast review online about. dont forget the installation part. clean installation results in cleaner sound. outcomes are limitless you only need to be aware of your budget and how much of a sound freak you are

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Guys I'm bumping this thread up to ask for a recommendation.

I've come across this Amplifier for roughly 36K. I plan to use this in the Capri to drive the front and rear speakers (Which I am yet to buy) This is only amp I came across which has an RMS power over 100W per channel. But I'm not too informed about car audio to make much of it. So, is this a good buy?

The Specs read as follows

1600W max

4/3/2 Channels

High Current (whatever that means?)

Class FD

130W RMS x 4 (4 Ohms) or 200W RMS x 4 (2 Ohms)


Thanks :)

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