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32- isuzu trooper



 I am interested in buying a trooper  below or around Rs 2.5 mil , but i feel there is a risk , why there are troopers with new bodies. is it enough for me to check the following ?

tallying chassis and engine number with CR, whether body permit had been approved by the RMV , Some body told me that i should call for a govt analyst's report before buying is it true  , if i am not educated before buying it will be a disaster for me 


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You may use the below link to check the vehicle information.


Other than that, some troopers may have a body permit where they brought down a body for a permit issued by RMV and fitted to the older chassis. AFAIK this has been stopped now due to OUR people's behavior of "misuse"

Anyway, if it is a body permit one, you should look at the papers and double check with RMV to validate it. If things are good, do a routine check and this link is a good post for you to read.

If you are open for alternatives, you may consider Mitsubishi Pajero (Known as "Palath Sabha") but will cost you a bit more for a better condition one. What is hard is to find a better one where owners do not sell such vehicles easily unless otherwise it is really an important. 

Good luck. Experience the 4WD world. You will not fall back. 

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Hello Chand

Welcome to AL,

Trooper AKA Bighorn they are nice trucks, I am not sure if still able to find a decent truck below 2.5mil???? May be if you referring to UBS55. As per my knowledge if you are referring to UBS69 model with 32- number i am sure all of them should have a body permit as they manufactured from 1991 onward so they should start with 61- or 64- plate.


One of my mate had a  UBS55 Trooper (Previous owner transplant a flat roof) to make it as a Bighorn also put a bighorn kit including Recaro seats and interior. Which is fine as this is still with original chassis.

I have seen another truck same body fitted to a same model chassis. I can't see anything wrong with that as no one could prove that's a new body or old body being repaired and repainted.

They are good solid trucks 4JB1 intercool turbo engine has lots of power yet economical as your C90.

Good luck with your hunt.



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