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High Pressure Fuel Pump & Quality of Diesel

Don Abey

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Hello Everyone ;

I need your valuable advice on the below.

Vehicle : Kia Sorento 2012

Problem : Company discovered the my sorento high pressure pump had gone and the reason for the break-down. And also there can be further damages to valves and injectors.

Cause(as per the company) : Recently they found the quality of the super diesel(I always pump Ceypetco Super Diesel) is downgraded and oiliness of the diesel(To lubricate the pressure pump) is not at the level as earlier or the what required. 

Impact : Company estimated repair cost would exceed 7 laks. ???

Questions : 1. Would the above can happen and true ?

                    2. Is there any option I have rather paying that huge sum ?

                     3. Am sure these are not covered by the insuarance. Can we take some legal action to the fuel station( I have all the bills with me) ?


For you valuable advise please.

Thank you.

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1. They suspect. Took the sample but test to be carried out in Ceypetco with considerable cost.

2. As of them there are few cases in recent weeks with the same exact problem.

i normally pump super diesel in the same fuel station in the flower road, and checked with them but they mentioned no complains received. So am in limbo now ?

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This sounds weird. For them to be confident about a fuel issue, they should have already done the tests and know for sure. So, right now it just seems to be a hypothesis. Otherwise, we would surely hear from other diesel owners in this forum.

If you search Kia specific forums, you will find that fuel pump related problems are not that uncommon with Sorento XM. Some have been resolved by merely servicing or replacing the filter, some with the pump, some with the jet pump. I feel it's typical of the agent to suggest the most overarching and expensive repair/replacement, while there might be scope for other solutions. I personally would look for a second opinion if faced with such cost.

Also, what led to this diagnosis and what were the symptoms?

Also if it comes to a high pressure pump replacement, the part should cost considerably less elsewhere or directly imported.

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Hello vishkid, 

Thanks for your feed-back. Actually I have checked few options but nothing seems cheaper unless I directly import the parts and get  a good mechanics(not sure someone avail here with sorento repair exp.) do the job but the process will take considerably long.

For sure the pump has gone. So no servicing or repair option avail.

Does any one hear recent days the quality of the super diesel(4 * Ceypetco) has been dropped or some cases mix with the water ?

Jeep is @ home and still thinking ?

By the way can anyone recommend good decent place to rent a car for few week ?

Thank you !


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