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Converting Land Rover series into defender


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If you try to do this mechanically u will end up with a Frankenstien with no value, mostly illegal, plenty on the roads now covered up with E*-XXXX numbers

If you try to use your number with a real defender black import, again no value and totally illegal, yet plenty on the roads

Buy with the new laws spooling up you are likely to get convicted eventually, thus avoid the above

If you want a real defender, better off buying a real chassis with reg and build it ground up,

Will be solid and will have the value with time.

Remember LRs are quite un-reliable unless you do them up properly, and expensive

But now trends are picking up where people restore series IIs with better running gear retaining the same look and chassis more or less a restomod as defenders are kinda all over now and series IIs are getting rarer as people tend to chop them up.

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