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Honda civic 1.0 hatchback vs Audi Q2 1.0




I'm looking to buy a vehicle under 8 million, and these are the two vehicles I'm considering. Tell me What do you guys think about these models and suggest me a vehicle to go for, cons and pros?

1.Honda civic 1.0 hatchback ex model 

2.Audi Q2 (higher spec)

   Honda civic over audi q2                          - honda has a decent resale value in srilanka where Audi is not.                      -all the safety features and tech features included.but in Audi q2 need to pay more to get these features                                    -has got multilink suspension at back with adaptive damper support for super comfort over potholes and bumps.where Audi q2 is using a cheaper torsion beam suspension like Honda vezel, which is not comfortable.                                           -good handling with minimum body rolling(of course it's a hatchback not a crossover like Audi q2)

Audi Q2 over Honda civic 

         -higher ground clearance

         -higher seating position

         -reliable punchy engine than Honda

         -got tiptronic transmission which is           far better than cvt in honda

These facts I got from internet.i didn't test drive neither of these vehicles.so I'm expecting your opinion on both vehicles.

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The Honda is a tripped down version of the 4cyl Type-R.Both have Engine technology from Germany. But agree that CVT is problematic for our use conditions also given Hondas poor record recently with gearbox issues. Regarding body parts I think its same,because Both are European /UK models,and no cheap second hand parts available for the non-JDM Honda either.

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Hi, I'm also looking for a SUV with a budget of around LKR 7- 8 Mn. One of my friends suggested me to have a look at Peugeot 3008 and did some information search. Base level 3008 starts at around 8.5 range and it has far better interior and exterior design, space and level of options vs Audi Q2. Found a good review of the same. May be useful to you all!



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On 12/17/2017 at 7:34 PM, Senalw said:

Honda civic hatchback 2017 model has some electronic issues. Lot of car owners have complained that ECU unit problem even before 10000 km milage.  Please consider this before buying. I found these information from fb group who ownes 2017 hatchback.

What's the ECU unit problem and how many people have complained in the said group? I couldn't not find any such info or a trend on any other source on the internet so this sounds a lot like baseless rumors that rampant in SL car market. 

On 12/18/2017 at 3:36 PM, ajm said:


looks like its the civic hatchback dashboard. Probably due to some cost saving measures after releasing the top end 4Cyl version.

This lists 1 electrical problem by 1 user for the 2017 model which does not prove anything. In fact the 2016 model has way more issues than that. Switch the make and model to any car on this site and you'll see small number of problems reported for almost every vehicle. However where there is a known factory fault, the number of faults reported for the said model are clearly higher than normal, which isn't the case with 2017 Civic.


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On ‎2017‎-‎12‎-‎30 at 2:30 AM, ramishkad said:

However where there is a known factory fault, the number of faults reported for the said model are clearly higher than normal, which isn't the case with 2017 Civic.


I think you are right,could have been an isolated case(even rats eating some dashboard wires)

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