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Viva Elite Manual ( Left Front Break Pad wastage is more than Right )

Dileepa Chandima

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I have a Viva Elite 2010 Manual model and in my car I have seen that Left Front Break Pad wastage is more than Right Break Pad. the thickness of the break pad is different, before few weeks ago I repair pin joints of the front wheels I dont know this is the reason

Can any one help me this problem, 

  • Is this already happen in viva elite usual ?? or
  • Is this wastage is happaning after that pin joint replacements ??
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Hi Dileepa,

Welcome to the forum!

The Viva Elite had a few known issues and one of them was an issue with caliper pins. The pins wore out fast causing noise when going on rough terrain and over bumps. All this can be found in the Viva Elite thread here.

By "pin joint" if you are referring to the caliper pins, it is possible that the pins was not properly greased before being installed (the right side less than the left). This can seize up the caliper, causing the brake pads to be pressed against the rotor and wear prematurely. It could also be because the pads themselves are not properly positioned within the caliper. In any case, the brake pads need to be taken out, caliper properly serviced and reinstalled. If the pads are too far gone, install a new set.

From where did you get the repair done by the way?

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