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Toyota vits vs Toyota Ractis


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Well...the Ractis is a mini MPV that is based on the Vitz, i.e. it shares the same platform along with engine choices and suspension (for the most part. The P100 series Ractis' equivalent Vitz was the P90 series and the P120 series Ractis' equivalent Vitz is the P130 series. **where engine choices were concerned the P100 series 1.3L was offered only with the 2SZ engine whilst the P90 VItz was first offered with the 2SZ engine and then soon replaced with the 2NZ and 1NR engines. The Ractis was offered only in 1.3 or 1.5 variants.

The boxy design of the Ractis gives you a bit more usable practical space inside the car. The dashboard is rather deep and seems to waste a lot of space in front but it is needed because of the sloping windscreen.  Driving wise...well it is not too bad but it does not feel as chuck-able as a Vitz. But for the most part handling wise its niether better nor worst than a Vitz. However, what IS different are the seats. The Ractis seats are a bit more cushiony and body grabbing and does not feel benchy like the VItz seats (especially in the back).

Now..in Sri Lanka....90% of the Vitz in SL are 1.0L variants which are horrid and a complete embarrassment to the Vitz badge. So the Ractis will be 1000x better than the Vitz. However, if you are looking at a 1.3L or 1.5L Vitz..then..the Vitz will be a fun little drive (if you like spirited driving) but the Ractis will be a more practical and slightly more comfortable cruiser.

Sticking in SL...I suppose the Ractis is somewhat rare. As Sri Lankans like to find safety in terms of parts in numbers I suppose many Lankans would want to stay away from the Ractis. where mechanical parts are concerned, you will not have a problem as the engine and the gearbox were used in many other common Toyota models in Sri Lanka. So it will be the body parts that would need some hard hunting.

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