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Buying a Used Freelander 2 Advice


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Dear All,  

I'm considering buying a Freelander 2.  I have read the past posts on this forum but I don't think it really answers questions I have.  I have the following questions

1)  The one I'm considering buying is a 3.2L petrol.  Fuel economy is not a concern for me.  Are there any other known issues on this model?
2)  What are service costs like,  I have been getting wild estimates that range from 30K to 100K.  Anyone who owned it
3)  What is the general market opinion about this vehicle?  Suitability in Sri Lanka,  re-sale value,  etc.

Finally,  if anyone here has owned or owns a Free lander 2,  I'd love to hear your take on the car.

Thank you very much


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Buying a used European vehicle is always a gamble

New Land Rovers aren't exactly known for their reliability sadly. 

I don't have  sufficient insight to comment on the Freelander 2 but the 1st generation had known issues with the Viscous Coupling on the 4WD system and the Intermittent Reduction Drive 


Land Rover Owner Magazine (available locally at Vijitha Yapa) & Land Rover Monthly  (both also available online on MAGZTER) are good places to start with enthusiast and longer term user populated buying guides 





Locally the 3.2 I6 was relatively rare- there's one in the classifieds section which i'm sure you must have shortlisted already 


Go through the maintenance history - if there are any red flags of problem components that keep cropping up or if the car is an outright lemon, the bills should prove it provided the owner kept it long enough to get it fixed. Be mindful of anything without detailed long term records from a specialist garage that know Land Rovers





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