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Nissan Juke 2012. Issues to expect?

Tharun 93


Hi guys. It’s me yet again. 😁
I had my mind set on the civic fd1 as y’all knew. But recently I became more skeptical of owning one due its low ground clearance. FYI my house is in Kandy and it’s located in a hilly area. With this in mind I searched in AL for a car with good ground clearance, comfort and ease of maintenance. I stumbled upon Nissan Juke 2012 and did quick hunting for adverts. There were only 2 specimens available. One which has clocked almost 65k km and another almost 100k km. Both had a price tag of 4.5M. 
I know it’s either love it or hate it thing when it comes to looks. But in my case I love how it looks. 😅

I came across only one thread on juke 2012.


strange enough it ticks all the boxes for me (pros and cons of the juke mentioned by Pericles)

I need to know about the ease of of maintenance of a 2012 juke and the current market price of a 2012 juke. Apparently there are two variants, 1.6l one with leather seats and whatnot  and 1.5l one. How do the two variants compare to each other?
Also any alternative suggestions are welcome (within that price bracket of course 😁).




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They went for 3.6ish few months back. Not a highly sought after car. Max I’d pay on a loaded is 4mil.

Not too many known issues. Nissan gearboxes are questionable Though.

For that money-

Vezel(please avoid at all costs).

Tivoli(petrol is underpowered. Diesel is recommended.Bad resale).

Forrestor(kinda thirsty but good ride).

sportage( No personal experience) .

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