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BMW vs. Audi : Which is cheaper in Sri Lanka?

Issadeen AB


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Lesson #1 in owning a Euro : Do not buy a Euro because it is cheap.

Lesson #2 in owning a Euro : Do not buy a Euro if it is cheap.

Lesson #3 in owning a Euro : If you want a Euro because it is cheap, a Premio is a better fit for you

Lesson #4 in owning a Euro : Do not buy a cheap Euro

Lesson #5 in owning a Euro : Just don't waste your time in looking at cheap Euros.

Now..assuming you are asking which brand typically shows a higher market value....well..it depends on the model, vehicle category and other factors. When new..both marquees will be within the same price bracket (assuming the import duty calculating factors are the same) and will only differ based on features and accessories the vehicle is kitted with. Price being equal you will find that Audis tend to be a bit more kitted out than the BMWs.

As the vehicle ages, I do belive BMWs tend to hold their value better than Audis, but then that too again depends on the model...but for the most part BMWs do retain value and perhaps only seconded to Mercs. Also I do strongly believe that BMWs and Mercs age a lot better than Audis do. The designs are a bit more timeless with the BMW and Merc. 


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BMW, Mercs are built as luxury brands(unless it's an entry segment vehicle which may share parts with others like Renault). Audi is the luxury grade of many common brands like VW,Skoda, Seat sharing the same platform and parts (like Lexus and Toyota). In Europe Audi would be cheaper to maintain since parts are more abundant and cheaper, but you don't have that advantage in Sri Lanka. When it comes to ageing(paint, interior) better and holding value, Merc> BMW> Audi. But specific models can have different issues even for them.

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