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Pit Babes


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I think I will get killed for this, but I will say it any way....

...I was going through some of races pics from our gallery and had the pleasure of checking out some of the "pit babes" posing. Don't you think who ever put them up to this could have come out with a better outfit?

Lets admit it, pretty as they may be some of these babes are not all that great in certain depts. A better outfit would really bring out their beauty.

A figure hugging race suit would be nice. :P

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Well, since u ask, we shall try to provide :P

Ah.... my very first foray into motorsports photography. The memories .... but I digress


My first digicam, which had only 2 or 3x zoom, so... Still not too bad. Had to get onto the track to get that tho :D

Not really sure if this is what u mean Pila. Its not Silver. But if there was another it predates my track work (and "my track work" is not a phrase I use real often :lol: )

And the now.



Which is why I told Madz, we cant let MotorMag out do us like this! We need to produce the models for the next one. (Ya'll back me up on this one!) After all, remember the results the last time we tried our hand at it? And it was only our first time too...


Hey guys, voice ur votes to get Madz to get the next set of Pit Babes (To borrow Duncan's term :alc:) from AL!

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