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What is the recommend SUV (budget 3.5ML)

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Based on the 3.5ML budget. what is the best SUV (4X4), auto gear vehicle to buy in Sri Lanka. And please also suggest your opinion/experience for below points too.
I have searched for Toyota rav 4, Suzuki Vitara, Nissan Xtrail (version between 1999 - 2003)

How about the spare parts in Sri Lanka.
Second hand Market.
which one is the less maintenance.
Which one is the more economical.

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You are looking at cars that are 20 years old.

Which one will require less maintenance depends on how the previous owners have taken care of them. Not on the model.

Which one is more economical depends on how the previous owners have taken care of them and how well the engine and transmission functions. Not on the model.

In general all 3 models are pretty decent, simple vehicles that have been robust during its younger days. I say during its younger days because after 20+ years of use...its robustness may or may not still be there depending on how the previous owners have taken care of it. So..if you find a GOOD..well maintained example, either one of those models would be a decent car.
Some models are more capable than others. I have given plenty of feedback (based on usage experience) on all three models in the past. Please search the forum for them.

All of these cars are not fully fledged 4x4 vehicles...so do not expenct offroad performance similar to a Patrol or a Prado or a Pajero. The only exception would be the Vitara as that has a proper, old school 4WD system. So if offroading capability is a concern...look at the Vitara, followed by the XTrail and the RAV4.

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Agree with iRage, you have to be specific and tell us what you expect off your SUV. I would be more biased towards a Suzuki if I need off road usability as it is the only one that gives you a high and low ratio, body on frame construction.

The Toyota would be an all wheel drive and the X Trail would have the auto mode or the 4W lock mode. I used to think that the auto mode and the 4 wheel lock mode was enough for an off roader but have been shown to be wrong. For a soft roader with a bit of soft off roading like sand and little bit of mud it will help but not when the going gets tough.


In terms of resale the obvious choice would be the big T and the worst would be the Suzuki. The Suzuki's have caught on bit the Toyota's still seem to be on top.

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