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the seat belt sensor do not detect a person seated on the seat


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Well..you should take it to a proper technician as soon as possible because if the sensors are messed up (depending on the sensor); it could affect pre-tensioning of the seat belt as well as the deployment of the airbag (may or may not be the case depending on the sensor and the generation of airbags).

For the passenger side there is a sensor on the seat bottom (sort of a weight sensor. Check the connector and make sure nothing has been disconnected. It could have been pulled off and loosened whilst cleaning the car or even because a foot got tangled. 

Apart from that, depending on the type of seatbelt you have you will have a sensor/switch on the reel/winding belt part of the seat belt it self (switch 1). It is located on the metal reel the belt wraps itself when not being used and accessing it requires the removal of the plastic cover on the B-pillar. It could be that this switch has gone bad. Quite common in the E100 Corolla and older cars ha do not have pre-tensioning seat belts (or just have single sage pretensioners). In these cars the belt light goes off the minute you pull out the seat belt and will turn the warning light off even if the belt is not clipped. The wires for the seatbelt pretensioner may also be coming through this clip (depends on the car...)

Then, depending on the car you have (most moderns cars, Japanese market ones after 2005 or 2007 or something...can't remember); you will also find a switch on the belt buckle itself (switch 2) and does not have Switch 1 (only cables going to the reel are the wires for the pretensioner. Check the connector for Switch 2 as well...it could be that there is some dirt stuck inside the buckle/clip or that the connector is loose. In most cars the warning light can be fooled to turn itself off by using a fake belt clip; but in some cars both Switch 1 and Switch 2 need to be activated for the light to be turned off.

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