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Mazda Axela Hybrid 2013 engine oil


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My engine oil was 0w20 which come for 10,000 km and fully synthetic. With travel restrictions usage of car is reduced. This has lead oil change happens once per year. Is this ok?

If I need to move to 5,000km mileage oil then what's the most suitable option? Is it recommended? Mazda agent in Sri Lanka, C#lonial M#tors use 5w30 oil for Mazda Axela Hybrid. They do not have 0w20 which usually comes for 10,000 km mileage. 

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I have been using 5W 30 Toyota oil. Never used 0W 20. 

And I do change in 5000km / 6 month intervals. For me also 6 month is reached earlier than reaching 5000kms for past year.

If I were you I will change the oil in 6 months regardless. And I dont see an issue in moving to 5W 30.

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