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Is Toyota Passo a good one?

Ranjula Wahalawatte


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3 hours ago, Ranjula Wahalawatte said:

It's the second generation one

ok so every single passo out there has the trusty 1KR FE which has been around for 15 years and is the same on the Toyota Vitz.  One of my uncles had a 2nd gen Passo and it was basic trouble free motoring. Parts are widely available and maintenance is relatively headache-less. Depending on how you drive fuel economy will range somewhere around 11-12 KMPL (which is what my uncle used to get) 


As an overall package it's an ok no-nonsense basic car that can get you from A-B. Do not expect a lot of creature comforts or so. 

I asked the generation - as I find the 3rd gen Passo to be quite a decent car , compared to the Vitz. It's a bit more refined (personal opinion) 

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The Passo is actually a rebadged Daihatsu. As matroska mentioned it is a no-nonsense A to B car. Technically the Passo is Toyota's entry level hatchback whilst the Vitz is a notch above it. In SL the Vitzes seem more simpler because 99% of the Vitzes in SL are 1L base models.

14 hours ago, matroska said:

as I find the 3rd gen Passo to be quite a decent car , compared to the Vitz. It's a bit more refined (personal opinion) 

As it should be....the Passo got a a complete model change in 2016/2017 and got a major update to the platform starting from the engine, to the suspension to the frame itself....all this time the Vitz continued the model which was introduced in 2009/2010 and felt tired and outdated compared to the Boon/Passo.

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