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Toyota Yaris 2006 Rear Wheel Hub Replacement



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5 hours ago, iRage said:

The original part is the entire hub. However, there are people who dismantle the old hub and refurb it by pressing in new razors. Have to warn you though...the refurb part does not last as long as replacing the entire hub.

Thanks @iRage for the quick response 👍

Last long in the sense, will it at least last for 20000km?

Do you know any reputed make for the entire hub or razors if I opt to refurb the hub?

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6 hours ago, XuneB said:

Last long in the sense, will it at least last for 20000km?

You mean when you refurb it ? Depends on the workmanship and the quaity of the parts. If done properly..yes...it will last 20,000km...just don't expect the 10yr life with 100,000+ use out of it.

In the medium term it will function properly...which is why a lot of people go for the refurb option because the high chances of it lasting through their ownership (and don't need to think about what the owner in 7 to 8 years has to do). Considering the (parts) price of replacing the whole thing in SL and most places, you can't blame them. Replacing the whole thing does have its....merits and makes sense in places like Japan where the labor cost can easily cost 2x or 3x more than the cost of the part.

As for brands....Koyo is one of the more reputed brands. So you might want to start there. There are quite a few Taiwanese, Thai and Chinese brands as well but the good ones are more or less the same price as Koyo (which makes sense as even Koyo is made in these very same regions).

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