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Process to replace lost Vehicle Registration book - help / advice wanted :)


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Hello everyone,

I have somehow manged to misplace the pink registration paper for my 1980 Mitsubishi Lancer wagon. It's registered in Western Province.

I just wanted to get you guys' kind latest opinion on the process to get a duplicate. I am the legal owner. Here are the Qs I have - thanks so much if anybody who knows the deal has time to look over them for me !!

- Can I proceed straight to RMV in Werahera to get it done? (Is Werehara the only place or do they have any sub-offices elsewhere?)

- Or do I need a police report first?

- At the RMV will they ask to inspect the vehicle? If so will i face difficulties if the tyres on the vehicle are wider than the original ones?

-  I live outstation so any knowledgeable advice on potential total time I'd need to stay in Colombo area to get this sorted out would also be much appreciated!

I have pasted at the bottom of this post the official instructions from the DMT.gov.lk website. Is all of that necessary in practice and if so does anybody know what these CMT 65 and CMT 130 applications are all about??

Thanks so much in advance!




  • CMT 65 application
  • A certified copy of the complaint lodged with the Police with respect to the loss of that certificate and the receipt of payment for that
  • In case a mortgage / an absolute ownership / a lease has been registered, a letter issued by the relevant institution stating that it does not object to the issue of a duplicate
  • If the original of the registration certificate or the vehicle identity card is disfigured or partially destroyed, the same should be submitted as well
  • A photocopy of the national identity card
  • A CMT 130 application to obtain weight certificate of a vehicle
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You have got all the information from the website, dont think anyone has to explain it again. The required documents also explained so you just need to start with the Police report, you maybe able to download the required forms for RMV from the website. Best would be to talk to them.

Sorry but I have had no experience in getting duplicate book.

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Thanks for the response. I'm hoping somebody might be able to shed light on the non-standard tyres thing. Dunno if the vehicle weighing requirement will make that an issue etc....

I'll contact RMV and see :)

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