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Driveshaft Universal Joint


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To my fellow automotive enthusiasts,

Regarding "Universal Joints" for a driveshaft. 

I hope to purchase a pair of Universal Joints for an off-road 4x4 vehicle 🛻. Any input on brands, experience, performance and product quality would help me in the purchase. I have come across only two brands in our market "GMB" and "TOYO" are there other brands? Please share your experiences so others can be updated on new products.

Please be kind enough not to mention companies and agents as this forum is based on education and not corporate promotion 😊.

Thank you. 


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Good morning everyone,

I bought a pair of Universal Joints and I chose the brand GMB as previously I had used TOYO. The product looks good and had the casting letters "GMB JAPAN".


I learnt that there are three types of Universal Joints in the market illustrated in two figures below one with the grease nipple at the side of the cross (A), another with the grease nipple at the top of the cup (B) and the common type with the grease nipple at the centre of the joint (C). The price is more for A and B so I went for the C as that's how the original manufacturer U Joint was in the vehicle. IMG_20230801_120321.thumb.jpg.a09fead181c404cc8b7fc88be4c8de07.jpgIMG_20230801_120353.thumb.jpg.8f4c8f825b80b521491576e7764ab6db.jpg

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Finally got the propshaft restored. I went to Bruce Moto_r Sp🏀rts. They are very good and friendly. Uncle Brian adviced me and the team assisted me in getting the job done. God willing, everything went out well. We used a press to insert the Universal Joints. My apologies as I could not take pictures as my hands were with grease. How ever I managed to make a few clicks when possible.


When we removed the propshaft we noticed a wobble at the gearbox pinion flange. Apparently the retaining nut had got loose. Used a tap to knock out the locking nut and Uncle Brian handed over the torque wrench and the nut was torqued down tight to 130 N.m. 



Thank you Bruce Nigel at Bruce Motor Sports for all your help and assistance.

I highly recommend them as they do a good job. 



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One correction to be rectified when I did this project. The universal joint came with a 90 degree bend grease nipple (C in image). When buying the universal joint remember to buy it with a 45 degree bend grease nipple (B in image) as it will make greasing during maintenance easier. Unfortunately I have completed my propshaft with a 90 degree bend nipple so now I have to use a cone adapter to the grease gun when greasing. So  remember next time to replace or buy your universal joint with the 45 degree (B in attached image) to make maintain easy with less hassle. In case when replacing the grease nipple on any surface or unit I use a solvent gasket glue (Cure*Real) or multi bond on cleaned threads of the grease nipple to prevent it from losing and falling off especially on a rotating part like the universal joins on a driveshaft or propshaft. 


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