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Nissan Confirms Production Of 350z Gt-s


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machan are you absolutely certain that they're producing it?

gorgeous piece of kit it is , and they did run it at good wood as promised & as é picture bellow shows , but i still have my reservations as to whether they'll go all out n build one... they've gone onto specifiy price ranges as well i know,but yet for all, its not done until we hear of or see proof of a few on UK roads né :)

@GOODWOOD Festival Of Speed 2006

IPB Image

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The car looks hot.. literally.. stil got the meany 350Z look from the earlier model.. but for some reason.. most of these cars (concepts) does not get mass produced.. hope this would.. it surely is one stunning car..


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those Bronze NISMO-RAYS alloys u see on é GTS-t are available at a place in Dehiwala - running Bridgstone Potenza RE 01R ultra high performance 245 / 45 / 17's

they look stunning :)

OT - yo Devz.. how much would a good set of bronze/gloss black alloys come to eh? cheaper da better :)


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OT - yo Devz.. how much would a good set of bronze/gloss black alloys come to eh? cheaper da better :)

there's a good place on hill street - they have another outlet in Pepiliyana & Malay street

what u can do is if u cant find a good set of black ons u can have it painted in a matt or gloss finish they can have it done...

no major price distinction on account of é colours , jus that originally coloured alloys are rarer..

i'll text u é info abt 'NISMO rims

Price depends on size , brand , design & material/Finish ( Chrome , Aluminium , Magnesium , Powder coated etc)

Brand new rims will be over 30,000 - used will be upto a max of 70,000

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2008 Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition

Japanese car maker Nissan have released a special club-spec model of their popular 350Z (Fairlady) coupe for racing enthusiasts and competition use.


The 380RS features a a stroked version of the VQ35HR V6 as found in the road-going version that produces 257.5 kW (350 hp) of power and 435 Nm (321lb-ft.) of torque which is sent to a Nismo Super Coppermix clutch and on through to a close-ratio, six-speed gearbox and mechanical LSD


A customary carbon fibre GT wing is just one of many go-fast bits this menacing 380RS gets along with other highlights including a roll cage, six-pot Brembo brakes, plentiful carbon fibre trims, Recaro seats and full harness.


Price? If you have to ask.....no, we won't be so cruel. The Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition is yours for 28,350,000 yen, or around AU$310,000.



Source : http://www.zcars.com.au/nissan-fairlady-z-380rscompetition/

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