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What is the difference between Mazda Axela & Mazda 3?

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They are both the same car....in Japan the model was called Axela and in export markets it was called Mazda 3 (or 323 in earlier models...had even names like Familia, Protege).

They are pretty good cars. Underrated because it doesn't have a Toyota badge on it.

Now...although I said they are the same car..they are not as well. Because of market differences the engine and transmission options available are different (e.g. the Japanese model Axela might be a Hybrid or come with a SkyActive engine whilst the export model 3 might come with a non SkyActiv engine). Same goes for trim levels and the accessories/features available, upholstery materials used, etc....

For the most part they are pretty nice cars. Much more interesting to drive than the common Axio, Premio/Allion. There are no catastrophic design flaws in it either...so a lot depends on how well the car has been maintained. Finding parts won't be as easy as a common Axio/Premio/Allion for which even Brother Johnny who has a parts shop down the road will have original Chinese duplicate parts. But there are shops that carry Mazda parts. The agent support can be a bit of a hit or miss depending on who the agent is (who is the agent these days ?)

Suspension wise it is a bit stiff which gives it the more sharper drive...some Lankans do not like that as they prefer the pudgy cloudy ride. The seats are nice and firm but I find it a bit slippery and slidey.

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19 hours ago, Night Fury said:

@iRageSo, we're talking about the models from 2005 to 2007, correct? Additionally, I've been wondering whether it's a good time to purchase a car or wait. 🤔

In general...if you are looking at models from 2005 to 2007 then the engine differences are even less.
As for the question of to or not to buy these days...only you can answer that. Each person's circumstances that dictate the choice is quite different. It wont be a hard decision either...no matter what ever you choose to do you can always make an argument against it.

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