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Windscreen Trademark

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1. A trademark of the manufacturer.

2. Glass type:*Laminated ― a multilayered glass, Tempered ― a tempered glass.

3. The expanded type of glass:*I - strengthened windshield, II - standard multilayered windshield, III – worked-out multilayered windshield, IV – plastic glass, V - other (not windshield) glass with light transmission coefficient low than 70 %, V-VI - double glass with light transmission coefficient low 70 %, absence of index - glass light transmission coefficient not low than 70 %.

4. Countries have given an official confirmation of a code:*1-Germany, 2-France, 3-Italy, 4-Netherlands, 5-Sweden, 6-Belgium, 7-Hungary, 8-Czechia, 9-Spain, 10-Yugoslavia, 11-England, 12-Austria, 13-Luxembourg, 14-Switzerland, 16-Norway, 17-Finland, 18-Denmark, 19-Romania, 20-Poland, 21-Portugal, 22-Russia, 23-Greece, 24-Ireland, 25-Croatia, 26-Slovenia, 27-Slovakia, 28-Belarus, 29-Estonia, 31-Bosnia and Herzegovina, 32-Latvia, 37-Turkey, 42-EEC, 43-Japan.

5. Conformity with the American standards of safety M, AS, DOT.

6. Conformity with the European standard of safety ECE R43.

7. Number, month and year of manufacturing:*the figure with points designates year, the sum of points to figure – month of manufacturing, the sum of points after figure – month of manufacturing + 6. In marking XINYI the top figure – year (9 => 2009), the sum of figures on the centre – month (1+2+8=11 => November), decimal number + the sum of remained figures below – the number of month (10+1+2+4=17).

8. Conformity with the Chinese standard of safety CCC E000199/E000039.



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