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  1. The point here is why anybody with right mind should pay Rs. 10-12 Mn. over the price 2 months back. I don't see any rationale. But i don't believe any actual transactions are taking place at these ridicules prices.
  2. Very true both my self and the better half has got so many comments on our Wagon R which we love for our city running (daily runner) which is both practical and easy on the environment than a gas guzzling SUV.
  3. Vezel DCTs don't fail every 6 months or 10,000km. yes they wear out and needs replacement very 50-100K km depending on your driving conditions. If anyone was driving a manual this would have been the case for the clutch. They do also have few electronic issues as well with few sensors giving errors. And the start button giving up with age. Nothing major that cant be fixed. You need to factor all these to your purchase decision as with any other used car. Do not expect to find any used car without any niggles
  4. I feel this fear is created by the car sales guys to get rid of the old stock that was piling up. Some vehicles prices are inflated by almost 8-10 Mn. eg: Merc GLB Thinking whether i should get rid of my nearly new cars and move in to something old to replace them once imports commence again. This is a cycle that happens every 3-4 years. They will open food gates again when the government revenue comes down from taxes.
  5. No idea on this may be it is the same box, do some research
  6. Celerio and A-Star has a robotized manual gear box which is a manual with a auto clutch and a gear shift which is not ideal and can be jerky in traffic. Perodua is a decent ride but old and many of them have done high milage. Picanto could be another option at high end of your budget.
  7. Sourcing parts outside agents could be tricky due to import restrictions. Other wise there are ample supply for a car like yours online (ebay) etc. If you do bit of research on line for epc data for your vehicle you should be able to find required parts (genuine/use/specialist). Getting stuff down due to shipping issues and cost could be an issue. Maintaining at the agent with their part prices could be a costly affair.
  8. CRV 2012-2016 has very smooth ride for a car on steel springs. Much better than that of RAV4. But at a compromise in handling which might not matter to 95% of the demography. No idea on Harrier, should be better as it is from a class above. Test drive and see these are personal preferences.
  9. So I recon this is not a unregistered car being a 2013 model unless it has been lying in a yard or at customs for over 4-5 years. If it is used in SL for 4-5 years after registration forget about the JAAI as it will only give a indication on the condition when the car was imported. Get a good inspection done at the Agent or a specialist.
  10. 6-7 in traffic 10-14 easy driving in urban 12-14 highway
  11. I go to the agent only if the car is under warranty Other wise get the car serviced at the service close to my place with parts and consumables bought by me from trusted places under y watchful eyes and supervision. But sometimes i go to the agent to get specific items done for instance a tuneup.
  12. kush

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Work of what all you can do is wipe it clan with a wet cloth.
  13. kush

    BMW E30 enthusiasts?

    Fun part is exploring the limits of the car which you could do in the E30. New M cars cannot be enjoyed properly unless you have access to private roads or track.
  14. As long as there are idiots buying at these prices they will profit. Anyone buying a GLB most probably will own a vehicle now, it is a matter of hanging on to what you have until the ban is lifted. If you buy at these prices you will definitely loose big when they start importing and prices fails.
  15. Wheels don't seem that bad, may be a colour change would improve the looks. I would first spend on getting the mechanics sorted out first. You may be able to exchange it to a better set though
  16. Get the mounts, shocks, tires sorted out in the same order with a alignment check. This should sort the issues provided you have finances. As a interim reduce tire pressure to 28 and see if it improves
  17. As I remember starlet had reasonable ride quality. It could be bad shocks, hard tires. Do not expect the ride quality of a modern car they had basic suspension setup.
  18. I would rather go with KYB or similar brand.
  19. My perfectly ok plugs were replaced by the agent @ 21K km as per the recommended major service @ 4 years.
  20. Accord / CRV/ Camry Optima and Teana will be hard to sell but you will be able to buy a newer car
  21. Our main foreign income avenues are badly hit. Vehicle imports will be the least priority. Heck they don't even allow spare part imports. This might continue for sometime.
  22. Or any thing with CVT unless you crawl in the morning and evening or may be the highway runs
  23. Go to SM buy one if they have ex stock that will be the best deal. Unless you want to buy used. SM stocks were brought down prior to luxury tax if i remember correct. They got down 5 seat AWD/4WD. But do not expect Hilux / Ranger abilities. They are on road vehicles with better traction in extremes than FWD
  24. You are absolutely new Corolla is does not drive or ride like a Corolla. It is in par if not any Euro that are common in SL. Typical Corolla fans will have issues with the ride which is focused towards handling. Rear seat space which cannot accommodate 3 adults and two children. And of cause boot space which is not sufficient for the annual trip with 5 adults and two children. It is let down only by the CVT
  25. Agree 100% my car came with a Japanese ceramic coat worth over Rs. 250K. Recently three wheeler toppled in to the front. Not a single scratch as it was the fabric area that came in to contact but extensive damage to bumper, bonnet and a front light (dents no scratches) Insurance claim will be over the cost of the tree wheeler.
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