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Eg8 Zero Idle When Starting


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Hello Guys,

My EG8 buddy having issue when it starting from last two days onward. Its only cranking and not starting first instance ( on that time RPM is 0 not moving up ) then I have to do deep paddling accelerator for once and then cranking again until it starting with high RPM values like 3-4, this advice given by local machanic not Honda expert.up to now i manage like that. Once it start no any mis in when it running. only happen when it park and start.

Im very scared to do that dont know whether it will cause for engine trouble. My buddy never give me that kind of issue earlier.

Pls advice me.



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Thanks for reply.

No change of spark plug, but change the fuel filter, but i checked the carburetor the guy told me the time of needle is over. so it cause to over floor petrol. Bcos it is not stopping petrol. h checked it and arrange it for me and advice me to replace carburetor refilling kit. Im still continuing checking it let u knw guys.

cheers. :)

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Check the fuel level of your carb and see if it is at half mark before starting. When the engine is cold press the accelerator once and open the air cleaner top and see if the choke flap is closed. Also get your carb vacuum lines (there are many of course :sad-smiley-017: ) checked for leaks and loose connections. If your engine does not rev up on cold start then you need to check the choke mechanism and slow mixture cut off solenoid. How is your idle is it stable at 850 or so both with and without AC?

Edit: I missed the point on "the time of needle is over" thing. If the carb guy was referring to the idle adjustment screw, then someone must have over tightened the needle (this is the only thing that can be called an needle in this carb) screw and damaged either the needle and/or the seating. Stil I have my doubts on that.

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