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Newbe To Pajero Io!!! Please Help...


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I recently purchased a Pajero IO 2001 model.

The spec is GDI 1.8 CC Turbo. Model: H76W

At the time of purchasing the seller told me it does somewhere arround 8 KM/L but in actual city drive, It does somewhere arround 5 KM/L.

So am dissapointed in that aspect, but I was told to get an injector clean up, oil and airfilter replacement(a service) and to see it's performance by a friend.

I would like to know the places I can get this done and what it would cost me.

Also I read on an article which boasts about a nano technology thing which reduces fuel consumption. Any comments or ideas regarding this and places which can do this?

Plus I think my steering wheel is placed wrong because when i park with keeping the tyres straight the steering wheel seems to be rotated 5 degrees :(

On a minor note What does GDI eco light do? I tried driving at lesser speeds while keeping the RPM down and GDI Eco on, but it still uses the same ammount of petrol.

I'm a novice to this subject and to this model. This is my first ever vehicle.. and I would really appreciate any feed back from all the PRO's out there :)

I also made this post at General Automotive section,and wanted to move it to this section, but could not find away to do it!



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As far as I know, you should use 95 Octain Petrol on this vehicle.. Is your numbers with 95 octain?

I am also looking a Pajero IO.. Talked to few sellers from #####.. What they told was the fuel consumption was somewhere 8 km/L in Colombo and 10 km/L outstation..

Did you manage to improve your fuel performance?

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