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Mazda Bg5S



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I have used 2 Interplays. One (Auto) in NZ for 2 years and one (Manual) here for another 2 years. Both were excellent cars. Nothing went wrong with either cars for the times I used them and apart from the servicing, nothing else was done. Once I even submerged it during a massive rain/flood in Ratmalana and had it towed to the garage without trying to start it. After a good clean and an oil change just in case, it started off without even a puff of smoke. Carpets took about a month to lose the smell.

Reliable, comfortable and fairly nippy. I would say one of my all time favorite cars.

Local prices, I am not sure. The one I had was sold in 2003 for 575k... :) Not sure what the prices are now. Get a good one where no boy racer has tinkered with it. I see my old Mazda on the road and I cry seeing it. Utterly raped. Now looks like Amy Winehouse before she died. :(

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Adding to what VVTI said & agreeing with the same …..

A good Interplay is had to come buy, most are literally raped ……Markt value should be between 600K & 900K at the current levels. There were a few all disk cars around which would be the best option

Take care – as there are Goofs selling the CARB engine with Interplay stickers…… Interplay is always with DOCH engine and a 1.5CC

Also see if there is corrosion around the wheel arches- this is a common scenario if not looked after. Get it inspected from a qualified garage as spares are becoming hard to find both locally & internationally (Japan & Malaysia)

I did see a hatch back on A/L a few days back

Good luck -

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