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Programming A New Remote For Security System?


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Hi Guys,

Recently I bought a Mazda car and it has a security system fitted (Probably Chinese). According to previous owner this has being fixed by ‘Car Mart’ when he bought the car.

But he has lost a one remote and now only one remaining. Please tell me a place to reprogram a spare remote. (Went to Su# Lan#a and they rejected doing that because the system was not fixed by them)

It's a bit similar to attached image (not 100%)


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Contact the supplier and try to source a replacement remote,

Locate the main unit of the security system (usually under dashboard or steering wheel stalk) It would have a switch or a jumper to help it learn newer remotes, all you need to do is program to the new remote. Was there any documentation regarding the car alarm attached to the car when you purchased it? It would have instructions to install a new remote, ie what buttons to press etc.

Incase you can't find only remotes for sale, try to source a new security system of the same make/model you have. Then its just a straight forward swap of the control box and you can use the new remotes or program the existing box to the new remotes, you'll have spare bits as well for future use..

If nothing works simply buy a new security system; ie. control box, 2 new remotes, harness, switches, siren etc, once again locate the control box, remove it, cut away the old harness, rewire it to the new harness accordingly(documentation/wiring diagram always enclosed), all the required connections will be there at the old harness, you'll just need to rewire it up, basically they all are the same except the harness plug may differ in shape/size,

You'll have a set of new remotes in the end, working system, bunch of spare switches.sirens etc

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Slightly OT but if your car has a RKE system in it (a lot of mazdas do) you can order a OEM or compatitable remote for your car and reprogram it by cycling the key in the ignition 5 tiimes and hitting any button on the remote. This is for the factory system not aftermarket but thought you might find it interesting.

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