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Fuel Indicator In Not Functioning



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if your fuel meter is completely not working that means the supply of current is not there so as terrabytetango on his post mentioned to check the fuse.

If fuse is also OK, then you have to check the fuel meter lead wires. The lead wire to tank is OK.

At the fuel meter end there is current supply this can be tested with a volt meter or a bulb with one wire to earth and other wire to meter connection end.

is there If above two tests are OK, you have to check tank floater unit end. before removing the tank unit you can earth the tank feeder wire to check any reading on the fuel meter. If there is a reading then the problem definitely on the tank floater unit.

Then remove the tank unit and check with a continuity test using a multimeter. This can be tested with a bulb test like early.

if you do not have a multimeter.

if you are unable to do it your self it is better to get a electrician to test the meter wiring system.

Some times the fault on the meter if there is no reading when you earth the wire at meter end with your IGN switch on.

If there is a fault on the tank float unit then there will be no reading on the multimeter as well as no glow on the bulb also when you do the bulb test.

I do the above test.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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Machan it seems to be the problem is in the floater. Floater is the device which sends a variable electric current based on the movement of the arm, which floats on top of the fuel in the tank.

Most units tends to malfunction with age. It is easy to check it is working by removing it and moving the arm up and down. But better you check it with a experienced mechanic.

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i had same problem.. went to an electric man.. he opened the tank.. fixed the floater and now indicator is nicely working.. just costed me 300/=. try it out

can you tell me where this person is ....my fuel indicator also giving trouble from yesterday. did not notice it since i was away for about a week....

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Thanks Guys for the Info. I went to an electrician, he took out the floater and found out that coil which the arm is connected had worned off,so they couldn find a suitable coil, I had to go to some J**an l***a in kalubowila and had to buy a one similar one which costed me Rs 1750 :( but now gauge is working properly.

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