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Missing Dashboard Light


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When I put the key to 'ON' position before ignition only 2 lights come up, Oil pressure light and Battery light, shouldn't there be a Brake warning light coming up ? on the right hand side to the speedo/rpm meter there is space for 4 lights, #1 Hand brake, #2 Oil, #4 battery

#3 isn't lighting up in anytime :(

Additional info:

Door warning, Hand brake warning and Headlight indicator lights working fine, isn't there an indicator for dim lights too ? I was driving few times without noticing I had the dim lights on during day time.

In total how many lights usually have in the particular model (FB13) or a car in the same era :)


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I have yet to come across a car which has an indicator for low beams.

That was my bad machan, I'm new to the motoring field, just got to know only the High beam has an indicator light :)

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Don't worry much about indicators like that. It's mostly the ones in red and amber you should worry about, especially if they flicker or are continuously lit.

Machan I'm not worrying about the low beam light, if you go through the first post again you will get it :D

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AFAIK in a FB13 when you turn the key to ON position only oil and battery lights should come up always. In addition to that Handbrake light will come up if the handbrake is on, the door indicator will come up if a door is open and the fuel indicator will come up if low on fuel. That's pretty much it dont worry too much about those additional spaces on the dash dude. I think they are just empty slots.

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