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At 192 Marino/ceres


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marino is a great car comparing to its counterparts...handles well since its a low profile car...engine parts are freely available mate if its a 5AFE but there are some 4AFE too..it has a 1600cc capacity donno about spares availability of 4AFE ones.. i used a marino YOM 92 for 2yrs and i didnt felt difficult to find engine parts ever..even body parts llike side mirror and rear lights u can find in delkanda area but have to search ..and toyota in japan still manufacturing the parts for marino so if u need OEM u can get those through Toyota lanka..

fuel wise its bit bad when comparing to AE100 since its a heavy car..u will feel this in doors and bonnet..but the 4AFE ones are better in fuel than 5AFE coz it has better power to weight ratio.

resale value - u have find someone who likes marino and ceres unless u are reselling it damn cheap..

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@Jayashantha The Sprinter Marino and Corolla Ceres are built on top of the AE101. The Carina is built on the AT192. It's easy to get them confused, and that may affect your decision.

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my friends.. .are there any guys who are using this car.... pls share your experiences.. .and anyone knows about this car is to sell anywhere.. pls tell me soon...

I use this car.. I have a marino as i said earlier. Stable.. comfortable..as sprinters are higher grade than corolla you get some more features like auto AC. (compared to the era that these were made). got reading lights front and rear. if you find a marino GT you get all 4 disk breaks. got projector lights (scoop lights). finding bulbs for this is not easy thing since i was on the hunt for bulbs few months back. since there was no good brands I have to get it from ebay. low beam uses H3C bulb and High uses H1 bulb.

little bit stiff suspension but it's comfy. good handling.

frameless doors look sporty. parts are freely available since it's toyota. most of body and interior match with AE 100. like mirrors, locks and stuf

car is low.. if you are tall guy over 6 feet then I guess your head is gonna touch the ceiling :)

since mine is 1.6ltr 4AGE i get 8-9 kmpl city. out station 12. 4AFE and 5AFE can give more to fuel I guess.

I have seen automatic transmission also. with single Airbag. made after 1997 as I remember.

You have to go through HITAD and weeek end news papers I guess.

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how abt http://www.autolanka...ad.asp?ID=65663 .. i meant car like this... ?

This is the car the others have commented about. In the end man you have to make up your own mind as to which car you like as its a personal choice. There are too many models in the market for a given price brakcet for us to go over every single one and most of the time the decision depends on the quality of the example you have found. You have to find a well maintained solid example of a car which is quite difficult and sometimes this matters more than the actual model of the car.

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