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Mazda 323 Full Option & Interplay


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Hi Friends,

I'm planning to buy Mazda 323 - YOM around 94. I would like to have a car having power shutters, power mirros and central locking. When looking into this, I found there are two version like, Full Option and Full option Interplay. Could you please clarify the differences between these two models and the advantages and disadvantages of those when considering the fuel consumption, maintenance ...

Thanks in Advance

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The Interplay is a sought After car and it’s hard to get your hands on a decent one these days. It’s a 1.5CC DOCH engine with fuel injection so tends to be good on fuel but more fun to drive as the performance is simply great. Parts are available but sourcing them is getting harder as even Japan are running out on same due to the period.

Both options will have what you are looking for e.g Power steering, power shutters etc…. the 323 is designed for the export market so u may find a 1.6 cc engine.

The butterfly ( 95 model onwards ) light model cam e with a Intertplay X version and was the last of the interplay branding.

All in all servicing and spares are not a major problem, fuel consumption would vary but in the range of 8 -10 KMP/L on a 1.5cc – best to avoid the 1.3cc and stay clear from GAS converted cards as they are know to have heaps of issues.

Good luck and PM me if you need more help

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hi Friend,

Thanks a lot for your valuable reply and sorry for the delay to comment on this. I strongly agree with you about the condition of the available cars, bacause recently I went to see few cars but the condition of those were very poor. Anyway would like to try some luck.

By the way,please give me an idea about the fuel consumption of AT 170, 1.5 cc . Thought a little about that car too because of it is very comfortable car. But have heard it is not better when considering the fuel consumption. How can we campare Mazda 323 Interplay and Toyota AT 170, when considering the fuel and maintenance cost.

Thanks in advance.

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