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Good Place To Fix Car Rear Buffer Small Dent?


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Machang, you really have to stop opening up new trheads everytime your car has a problem.

In 2 days you have opened 3 threads for 3 silly problems. Why dont you just open one thread, call it, 'My car is f**ked up, I need help' instead of opening threads for dents, missing rubbers, smashed headlights. You are cluttering the forum.

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Most people do not know how get a insurance claim

As you say, must push the car slowly to a tree and make a bigger dent then say hand brake failed and claim for new buffer.

Some people are living on insurance claims. I know some time back a importer sells the vehicle he imports at small profit or under cost .

Because with the srilanka insurance agents he gets around and claim very big shipping claims.

Later he was not allowed to insure in japan.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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Sylvi, well I just wait till my vehicle acquires a dent worth of contacting the insurance, at which point I haggle with the baas to get all the other odd scratches and things fixed as well. Considering the fact that we've paid almost a million rupees in total during the ownership of our van, I believe the odd claim of 8k-10 rupees every few years would hardly be considered cheating them.

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I (would) wait for a larger dent to appear, then claim insurance and get everything done at once.

Well this won't work unless you insurance assesor miss ealier dents. I came across same situation in my buffer but since there was a previous scratches were exisitng on buffer they only pass 75% cost, rest need to bear by owner ;(

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