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Honda Ek3 Speedo Meeter


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Hi all.

One my friend got EK3 Exi (2000) and his Speedo meter starts giving issue since few months time. So we have replaced the total meter Board, and VSS (vehicle speed sensor) still same

finally one guy takes out the VSS and turn the wheel on VSS and asked us to see the Speedo meter reading. So meter is working when he turns the VSS wheel, if he turns high speed the meter goes high. So he said all meter and VSS are fine and the issue is coming from Gear box. The wheel that attaching the VSS is not working properly .And to fix this total gearbox needs to be disassembled.

Is this can be happen


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There's a teeth gear ( usually a plastic one ) inside the gearbox which turns either the VSS or speedometer cable. If this teeth gear/ wheel got damaged ( can happen due to stuck cable in old systems or stuck VSS sensor wheels in new systems) the said issue can happen and I'm sorry to say in certain designs you have to dismantle the gearbox to replace it or take it out.

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Today we checked this properly and the wheel inside the gear box had worn off. so it is shame that honda use Teflon or plastic wheel in side the gear box that will worn off.

so the wheel that attached to VSS is metal. this must be other way . Speedometer drive gear should be metal and VSS wheel should be Teflon, i case of issue, it is easy to replace. now we need to open whole gearbox to replace this.


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