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When To Replace The Timing Belt Of Mazda Bhalp?



I own a Mazda BHALP 1996 99000Km. I am not the first owner so I don't know the maintenance history of the car. I have several questions.

1. How do I decide the correct time to change the timing belt?

2. Is it a complex task to change the timing belt of a front wheel driven car?

3. How do I know that the replacement belt is a good one?

4. What are the other things I need to concern while changing the belt?

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1.As a general rule, a Timing belt must be changed every 100,000Kms unless the manufacturer specify a different interval.

2.Complexity varies slightly from model to model, but unless you really know what you are doing, take it to a qualified mechanic. You do not wants to mess with the timing..

3.Go for a genuine parts, that's the only way you will know that the belt is a good one. When it comes to things like T-Belts, don't try to save money buying cheap low quality parts or you could end up spending way more than you saved.

4.I'm not too sure about your specific model, but in some engines, It is advised to change the bearings and tensioners which the T-belt runs on top of, and also it's a good time to check on your water pump.

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If I were to buy a second hand vehicle with an unknown history (and unknown reputation of the owner) the first thing I would do is to change the timing belt and adjustors regardless of the kms it has on the odo. ( In all my vehicles I have been changing the T-Belt when the odo passes 90,000km rather than waiting for the last moment.)

A thing like the T-belt (and the adjustors) I would get from the agents as that way I am sure of the product and I would take it to the mechanic and stay there while the job is done (maximum one full day) if I am not 100% sure of the mechanic's reputation.

Second most important thing I would do is to replace all the filters (oil air and fuel) and all oils ( engine and ATF).

Third check the brake pads/shoes and replace if necessary. Checking the brake pads/shoes will also give you a good idea how bad/good they are and give you an idea around when you will have to replace them.

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Fully agree with CJ5 & Fixzit – best to go with a complete change of belts & tensioners – cost should be apx 20,000/- but can’t confirm for sure.

Best to get a overall check on the car, as you never know what’s waiting to bite you. Also check on engine mounts, rack ends , and all key bushes.

Is your ride a manual or Auto- in any case change the oil and filters as well as spark plugs.

Good luck and welcome to the Mazda family

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