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Zaino Car Care Products!!


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Hi guys! I'm planning on getting 4 items of Zaino car care (Zaino AIO, Z2 Pro, Z5 Pro, and the Z8 final detailing spray) products from the U.K. The total cost with air freight comes to 91.62 pounds exactly and the shipping weight should be under 2 kg. The questions I have are 'will it be an issue for me to clear these items once they arrive over here?' & 'Will I be landed with an exorbitant amount in duty in the clearing process?'. Any thoughts and expertise from members who are experianced in getting stuff down through ebay, Amazon etc.. will be much appreciated.

On a different note. This is the first time I'm trying these products out. Any of our members already used or is currently using this stuff? Any feedback on this too will be great.

Thanks guys.

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is there a reason you're spending that much money on a product you have no experience with an on top of that spending on shipping, and potentially customs duty too? I just find it very odd.

If it's something you used and really believe in; understandable.

If it's some product you're getting at dirt cheap, and dont mind experimenting; understandable...

but this....

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The Grey area of customs duty is the only thing that's holdng me back. If I were to get Autoglym or a similar product from here it won't be that much cheaper. According to some professional detailing sites and forums this brand comes highly recommended. Rated higher than Klasse products let alone Meguiars.

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Customs procedures has always been a gray area ad they will always be. So the taxes, if imposed at all, purely depend on your luck. I have been getting down stuff from ebay and so far they were delivered to my door step, no question raised, simply because I was lucky on those occasions. Since you are trying your luck at these products, you might as well try your luck with Customs too!

Now that I said it I hope I would not run out of luck from today!

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