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Carburators For Nissans


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Hi Guys, I recently found out that my carb is a mess and had a history of difficulties to pass emission tests within a fair margin. Every time am in the margin. So Having thoughts to replace the carb with preferebly a brand new unit or a re conditioned one. The engine is a GA15DS, and has a ECCU, It is a dual barrel carb. The car model is FN14. I thing B13 (doctor sunny) has the sane engine and the carb.

Guys, Do you have any Idea where i should look to find this carb?



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Is it your carb that is in the picture?. Contrary to your claim that it is in a mess I see pic of a carb in very good shape. BTW what were the CO and HC readings for both idle and 2500 RPM?

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Hi ,

i also see your carb is in relay good condition.

my carb looks worst than yours bt i got pass emission test with relay good result .

if you want to get tune your cab for better result just visit there is a place near Lunawa hospital.

don't forget to take your result records.

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I had FB 13 model few years back and my carb also messed with baka bass. how ever i found very good person in kottawa and he was a forman in A*W. and replaced the all jetcs..etc and finally tunned, then it was ok. carb are not easy to find but most of the time can be repaired. how meny times did you repaied this?


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we had nissan presea with GA15DS engine coupled with this type of carb which controlled by a ECU. this carb has a air fuel ratio control solenoid, closing or opening of that solenoid decide by the ECU according to the signals of oxygen sensor.if oxygen sensor fails ECU will execute open loop i.e. richer the mixture so it is better to check oxygen sensor first.


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