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Mazda 3 Or Demio Or Axela


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Hi Guys,

Been facinated about MAZDA and want to go for one. There are the Mazda 3, Demio and Axela 2006 - 2009 models which got my attention

Will be great if I can get some assistance for the below:

1. An auto, triptonic or even a manual

2. Fuel Consumption

3. Style

4. Handling and safety

5. Maintainence (Service cost / spare parts)

6. Why is Axela being costly than Demio?

7. Anything in perticular I should be knowing like the gear box, fluids ect.. ect., (seems like there are several models with unique features on this make)

I believe all these models have a good resell value.

I have a budget of Rs. 30 M

Your openion on these models will certainly help to make a decision...!


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I would choose the axela. Performance, handling, safety, options and looks are all better than any other jap car in that price range. Spare parts are plenty and the costs are reasonable. Demio is a hatch and the axela/3 are sedans with more space, options, power and better looks. Search the forum, you will be able to find more info about these cars and what to look for before you buy one.

Also read this for more info about the axela.

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Hi, Reckless / Komisiripala,

Thanks for your response, both of you have voted for Axela.

Is there a perticular model/ engine type/ gear systems that I should be looking for?

Also what will there be a differece on fuel consumption with Auto and Tiptronic?

I'm looking for a economical car.


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Get a Axela with tiptronic, seems to do good on fuel (9-10kmpl in city, depends on your driving style). There were some info about the fuel consumption of deferent models in the thread I've posted before. The axela is not the most economical car in that price range but its very fun to drive.

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Do you mind a manual? I ask because one of my work colleagues came across a very low mileage Maz 3 at around 500k lower than the market because it was manual and they are not easy to sell. The manual drives a lot better imo and you will gain on fuel economy will be better than the auto.

If fuel economy is your numero uno priority then I guess the Demio might be better. They are both nice to drive.

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