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Premio 2009 CVTF


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Model- Premio 260 , 2009,

My CVTF was changed by the previous owner at 41 000 km and the service tag says the next change is at 71 000 km. Is it needful to change the cvt oil at 30k interval or else to stick to the usual practice of oil change at 40k interval?

Present ODO is 70 000km and recently gone through a engine tune up which included throttle body cleaning, spark plugs cleaning & ultrasonic injector cleaning due to a slight low performance experienced on hard acceleration. But the problem exists after the tune up.

Could this be solved by a fuel filter replacement or CVTF change?

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Was the CVTF change done at the agents? Was the fluid sump removed and cleaned? The change interval may depend on to what extent the old fluid was drained and how good/bad the old fluid was.  Any idea how many litres of fluid was filled? (Asked all these questions just to get an idea how the fluid change was done).

What do you mean by low performance on hard acceleration? Is the engine sluggish? if so is it at low speeds (say below 30) or high speeds (say above 80)? Was the OCV (Oil Control Valve) filter inspected/cleaned/changed during the tune up?

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Taking into account the  bad reputation your car has in the realm of transmission reliability,(pls referprev posts in sub0

It is beneficial to do a  fluid  & filter change sooner than later when you really do have probs.

Don't think any one other than the agent stocks the stuff , higher cost due to it been branded toyota and it being fully synthetic

 Besides,   it's way cheaper than replacing the transmission.And changing the transmisson fluid has shown to have an increase in performance as ATFchemically breaks down with time and exposure to heat etc

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7 hours ago, briansmith said:

Hi Rumesh,

I exactly don't know how the CVTF was changed and there is no way of contacting the owner. Oil change was done at GLxTZ PAxK Gampaha.

OCV was untouched during the tune up. Engine seems to be bit sluggish only during low speeds.

In that case go for a CVTF change as recommended at 30k kms.

It is worth cleaning OCV filter then, and also PCV if that too remained unattended at the last tune up. Both are very simple jobs but the mechanic should have the right tool (7mm or 8mm) to remove the OCV filter Allen key. Otherwise he may end up spoiling the Allen key slot.

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