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GP 1 Fuel system clean up


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Dear Friends, During these times, just thinking to do an Engine tune-up or fuel system clean up for my GP1 by myself self .it is now 80K and never cleaned. well, I got a "WURTH" injector cleaning can with me and just to know how easy / Difficult is this task. As far as I know, accessing the injectors are really a hard job as it needs to remove intake manifold assembly and Throttle body one by one . Yes throttle body will not be touched and it will be done finally. (coz i do not have console) apart from this , is it risky? I have done This clean up for my earlier models - EK3, Swift(beetle).

This is my plan - clean Injectors, Plugs, EGR (does it required to dismantle? ) and Finally throttle body

Someone said to me to clean the fuel pump filter which is located under the gear lever? is it a must?

Please advise your views on this and highly appreciated it

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Boring times nah? Some of us really do get tempted to do somethings in our rides :P

Anyways 80k is a good point to do a tune up. I'd say just wait for all this to pass up and do it with a professional. Then you could even get the throttle body cleaned properly & TPS calibrated, which is vital. (Also, I faintly remember being told that using the cleaner while the engine is running and the throttle body is still in position can be a bad idea). 

The fuel pump filter is a must! Doing a tune up without cleaning that is like making Pol sambol without the Pol. 

Removing the intake manifold to reach the injectors? I don't think so. You mean that plastic cover that looks like an intake manifold? That's nothing. You would have to remove the TB and injector rail. Re-installing the injector rail can be tricky sometimes and also you are better off cleaning and checking the injectors with the tester/cleaner machine the shops have. The last thing you want is your car to be sitting at home, quarantined because it's throwing weird engine check lights and codes.

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