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Need advice on lancer cs 3



Hi All,

After selling my current vehicle, I was looking for a one.

My budget is 2.85 Mn at max, so I kept my search to below cars with auto transmission.

1. Lancer CS 3

2. Yaris

3. Vios


Personally I prefer to drive CS 3 after reading threads on AL.

I checked one CS1 and two CS 3.

One CS 3 GLX seems to be ok with following thoughts.

1. Unimo manager used - but currently vehicle with car sale guy (using for 1.5 years now)

2. Mileage 140000 km - seems like genuine,

3. Repainted some parts - 40 percentage area of car.

4. No ruttling noises when driving


Seller agreed to check car at U***mo.

He's asking 2.85 Mn for the car.

I need to have lancer experts opinion on whether it"ll be worth to pay that amount for a cs 3 car.

Appreciate your responses.


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As you might have read in the forums the Lancer CS3 and the (CS series in fact) is highly recommended by the owners. A friend of mine bought a CS3 last year and it came with a good maintenance history with the work performed by the agents. He verified the maintenance history at the agents and got the car inspected by the popular car check place around Nugegoda.

All in all his comments on the driving pleasure and comfort of the car has been very positive and he is a satisfied buyer. I suggest you get the car inspected well and verify the maintenance history of the car. 

Usually when you buy a 2nd hand car you need to keep a couple of hundred thousand as spare cash for routine (or other) maintenance that come up with the car. Since, this is reaching the ceiling of your budget and since it has been with a seller for sometime, you need to get a very thorough inspection done on the car and to know the correct status of the vehicle and any potential repairs that are coming up.

If the condition is sound and you are satisfied with the car as it is, I don't think it will disappoint you. It will be worth it :)  If the condition is not that good you can try bargaining or can always move on to a better example :) 

PS: Cheaper cars might have certain repairs that need immediate attention, hence the lower asking price.

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