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Toyota Prado LC 4 & LC 5 buying advice


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After an unsuccessful hunt for a good Petrol V8, now i have set my eyes upon getting myself an LC4 or LC5

I hear a lot of rumors discouraging people from getting in to the LC4 / LC5 sighting issues in the fuel system / DPF etc as against the JDM & Export models bought down from the company.

1) If any LC4 or LC5 users could assist me by specifying the things i should be aware of , or concerns in going for LC4 or LC5,

2) My current ride is a mint Mitsu Montero 2013 DiD GLX with only 83K on the ODO (used right thru-out and maintained at UNIMO), and whether its worth the swap? 



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3 hours ago, Ramsad said:

My current ride is a mint Mitsu Montero 2013 DiD GLX with only 83K on the ODO (used right thru-out and maintained at UNIMO), and whether its worth the swap?

The Land Cruiser LC4/LC5 are European model designations that were based on trim levels. So you can get a 120 Series Prado LC4/LC5 as well as a 150 Series Prado LC4/LC5. If y memory serves me right you strted this whole quest wondering if you want a 150 Series or a LC200.

The 150 series platform is nearly 11 years old with updates...so if you are looking for a newer Prado 150 (after your 2013 Montero)...then yes it will have more features (especially safety features) than your 2013 Montero...but that is about it. Yes..your Montero platform was released only a few years before the 150 Prado; albeit it uses a lot of old school tech from the previous model making the car even older...it still isn't ground breakingly older and outdated than the Prado itself. Now..considering the fact that you have an export model with accessories and features more in tune with our market it will have some deficits in the features department compared to a JDM Prado or a high spec export one. 

So....I would say keep it...finding a good condition Prado is not going to be any different than trying to find a good condition LC200. True there are more of them around but that doesn't necessarily mean there are more good ones out there. most were bought by people for the show and not in good shape (I am assuming you are going for a used one..). Also, compared to the Montero (which is 3200cc diesel if I am not mistaken ?)..the Land Cruiser feels rather lethargic unless you are going for one with the large capacity bonkers engines (1KD diesel or 1GR petrol)...Also...on road...the unibody of the Pajero feels a lot more smoother and easier to drive.

If you want something to make you feel fresh...then I would say do some decent mods on the Monty. Suspension, wheels...maybe even a redone interior and accessories upgrade from a donor SuperExceed

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