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One side tire binding, low power sometimes, radiator reservoir boiling




I have a Kia Picanto 2005 (Manual), 135000km done. 

This happened recently,

One tire get stuck when driving for a few KMs and noticed the pins and the tire cup is hot tempered (with a burning smell). Also feel the power is losing (not all the time) and sometimes misfiring. And noticed that the radiator water reservoir was boiling when stopped the car (not all the time). Only once showed the heat went up. When this happens I park the car and switch off the engine for 10-15 mins). Then everything back to normal until I run for another few KMs. 

Changed the brake pads, CV Joint, cleaned the caliper including the piston and pins, replaced the caliper piston boots and caliper pin boots. Sometimes the tire is rotating smoothly but sometimes getting stuck. Recently replaced the brake booster (recondition one). Only once or twice noticed the brake pad is little hard to push. 

The garage guy said need to replace the Caliper as there are some scratches inside the Piston hole. 

And, noticed a small oil leak from the sump packing but I don't think that it is relevant to the above issue, planning to replace them next week. No oil in the radiator and head gasket is also good (no leaks)

Any idea? the radiator and the cooling system is blocked? Injector issue? or the caliper? 

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Hi all, the issue is with the Brake Master Cylinder. After the telling the whole story KIA guys inspected the brake system and said the problem is with the Master Pump (Cylinder). They were about to replace the Crankshaft Sensor as I told them the power is losing. 

The only issue is this part is little expensive at Kia and they charge a lot as labor charges. 

I went to Panchikawatte today to find the Brake Master Cylinder but failed. Tried Ar..na, Aja...tha, Kore--___ La____ but they don't have it this is a 2005 model. 

Any other places I can try? except Mar_chi as I have replaced a few parts from Mar__chi and all crashed in a few months including shocks. 

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