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80, 000 km Service


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I bought an aqua 2014 GS sport car this year with 75,000 km milage and I did a full service (changed toyota 0W20 oil with oil filter, air filter, AC filter, break pads, coolant, auto gear oil, battery fan cleaning) from the AutoMiraj, because I didn't get recorded maintenance details from the previouse owner. 

Now, 80, 000 km is reached, I have heard noticeble vibration of the engine with a sound when runing the engine. Should I do an engine tune up in my next service ??? ?or spark plugs cleaning and engine valve adjustment should be done ??? ?Moreover, are there any special items, should I service in this 80, 000 km service ??? ?

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Manufacturers do set progressive maintenance schedules for cars (mainly because diffent components have different service life cycles...unlike in the past where there were HUGE service requirements at 25,50,100K, etc..)...so yes...I am sure Toyota Japan has a comprehensive service/check-up for the  Aqua at around these intervals. The RAV4 had one at 80,000Km and a slightly lesser one at 75K.

See if you can find the service manual for a Aqua (or even a Prius C). Usually at 80K (for cars like the Mark X, RAV4); things like rings, differentials (and transfer cases), steering component, suspension, etc...all get checked and replaced if needed, then things like caliper pins, bushes, etc...also get the same treatment along with the pads. Then they also check for things like timing chain condition and tensioning and associated components...swap almost all of the fluids...check for valve abnormalities, etc... The issue with Japanese service schedule is that sometimes it does not cover things that need to be covered (in other countries) because in Japan it might get taken care of by the shaken and other legally required inspections.

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