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Civic FD4 face-lift (2009) spare parts


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Hi Elites,

I have been using a Honda Civic FD4 face-lift model for three years now and recently I faced an accident(some guy reversed a car to mime) which i had to replace a headlight. When I was looking for a matching headlight I realized, face-lift model came with smoked headlight which is much darker compared to the 2006 model and also much harder to find. Since I don't have an idea to sell this beauty any soon, I am afraid of finding matching spare parts in future. My question is, can I bring those from overseas personally? Can someone please give a lead on how to do that.





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HI SomeUniGuy

I removed your other thread as it was a duplicate of this.

Yes..you can bring down your own parts. You can try your luck at yahoo auctions Japan through a proxy site (you cannot bid directly but there are proxy sites like buyee or buyfromjapan who bid for the part on your behalf and ship it over to you...these services are a bit pricey though). You cold also look at places like Amaya or even ebay.

Shipping wise....headlights can be a bit tricky as they are bulky...since the box will be somewhat large you will have to pay for mailing/couriering a decent sized box. I prefer not to us services like UPS and DHL because they just go ahead and pay ridiculous amounts of customs duty without checking with you or anything and then pass you the bill. Something like EMS is more flexible as the post office requires you to come to their dispatch center and take care of the duty. This way, you can be nice about the intent of the purchase etc...(just don't put the actual invoice or purchase price...) and reduce the valuation for taxes.

You can also reach out to some reputable car part suppliers and get them to bring down a set for you and save yourself all the hassle. 

What you could do is replace both headlights (keep the one that is not broken)....and then when the means allow you to..get a proper replacement for the broken one and sell the old design headlamps.

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