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Buying a small/compacted SUV in 2021




Hi experts, 

I am a huge fan of small/compacted SUV type vehicles. Would like to know your thoughts on below vehicle categories to buy in 2021 (i know its not the best time to buy a vehicle due to the high prices). Ideally an old one (year 2000 lets say) to meet my budget.

Toyota Cami, Daihatsu Terios (old version), Suzuki Grand Vitara or Escudo, Zotye Nomad (last option, since its comparatively newer than others). 

Appreciate if you could guide me on :

Fuel efficiency

spare parts 

driving pleasure 


Thank you

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Much depends on your budget as prices have escalated for unfair reasons with many trying to take advantage of the pandemic and the ban on imports.

If you are looking for a small SUV the Jimmy after 2004 or a Mitsubishi Pajero IO after 2000 are better options.

In case you change your mind which often happens when searching for a vehicle and you increase your budget and decide on a  locally assembled SUV such as the Panda Cross or the  Korando which are now advertised at exorbitant prices ensure you  get it checked by a known technician and do bargain to the maximum as prices for the Cross are hiked by around 3k and the Korando surprisingly by about 6k some even more.

Value for your money and reliability should be your goal.

Good Luck.



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Driving pleasure wise the Suzuki is far better than the others.

Toyota Cami and Terios are essentially the same vehicle. It is just that the second generation onwards the Cami was renamed as Rush. So within the same model year the Cami/Terios/Rush will be the same vehicle. Onlything in the Cami there was a slightly smaller version called Cami Jr. In Cami refers to the first generation and Terios refers to the second generation which came as a Toyota Rush.

Parts wise I beleive both might be more or less the same for mechanical parts. Parts are used across several other models so will be around except for certain special parts. Body parts on the other hand might be slightly harder to find.

Zotye...just stay away....it is completely Chinese built. The Chinese had bought the presses for the Daihatsu/Toyota and built it themselves and I don't think the reliability and quality is there at all. It just looks like a Cami/Rush/Terios.


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