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Use wrong engine oil foe viva elite


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Last week I changed engine oil of my viva elite car(mileage 52000km)..Service center have made mistake using Valvoline 20W-50 grade oil.(before  used 5W-30) After oil changing I done 500km only yet ..pls advise me what should I do now? ( should I change oil again or not) What happens in above situation to engine because I have done 500km ?    what is the best oil and grade I have to use  ?    If it wants to change oil,  is it required to again change oil filter  ?Pls advise. Thank u.

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Nothing will happen to your engine. The w value does not apply to you, on the the 50 part. You just have a slightly heavier oil...depending on where and how you use your car and the condition of your engine..the car might even run better. If the car is being used in high ambient tempretures, do long runs..a heavier oil is preffered as it absorbs more heat without thinning out. If the engine is worn out with some high mileage..then again a thick oil is preffered as it creates a bit of resistance inside the engine.

The down side is..if your engine is in decent shape...you might notice a very smal drop in fuel efficiency (because of the added resistance the oil creates inside th engine).

If you feel uneasy about it...then change it..but it really is not needed.

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