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Suzuki Swift (ZCS71S) smart key doesn't recognise the car


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After replacing smart key battery in Suzuki Swift (ZCS71S), I can not start car as earlier(keyless start) without inserting a key to key hole. But when I press a key (lock /unlock) and try to start the car, it is starting. Locking / unlocking doors option working as expected. I tried with replacing two new batteries and reset the system after scanning. But the problem still exists.

Do you any option to establish a connection with car engine and the remote?



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4 hours ago, flashmark said:

Yes. It is blinking in the meter cluster. 

Okay...so the car is literally not detecting the key fob.

Have you tried the spare key ? If yoour car detects the spare key and not your daily key..then it could be that the transceiver on your key has gone bad (again, assuming that the batteries are in good health and are equal). hus, you will need to get a new key programmed.

If the blinking of the meter cluster light happens with both the daily and spare keys, then potentially the transceiver in the car has gone bad and needs replacing.

Now...have you fitted anything new in the car ? Something that could potentially intefer with the radio signals within the car....or a case where someone messed up the wiring when they installed something else.

Also, this happens EVERYWHERE right ? Not when you are parked at home or office or someplace... If this happens only/msostly at a single (or two) locations, it could be that there is something that is interfering with the signal. In which case the blinking should stop and the key shold start working once you drive a way from that location.

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