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2nd Hand Japanese Alto Maintenance Advices



Dear Friends
Recently, I bought a Japanese alto 2017 December (HA36S chassis). It is registered in SL in 2019. 
1) Odometer is 32,000. But may be tampered. However, all four tyres are same Dunlop Japanese 2017 year ones. Seems around 50%~60% percent worn. 
2) Later, I noticed that RMV sticker had been removed and attached to the file after laminating. So, I guessed that windscreen is replaced, may be due to an accidents. However, I serviced it at a garage and the mechanic told me that there are no signs of a big accident. But both number plates are slightly damaged and there were painting touches in several places including front and rear bumpers. 
3) The fan belt seems slightly slipping. 
4) Idle Stop indicator in blinking and not working. (It was intermittently working, when I purchased it). Does it due to weakness of the 12V battery? 
So, what are the maintenance works that you suggest, since I don’t know the history exactly? I have already replaced Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Transmission Oil and Brake Oil. 
i) A/C Service?
ii) Engine Tune Up?
iii) Any other things that you suggest?
iv) Do you recommend to get it checked at A*W?

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I haven't heard much good things about A*W's tech inspections. However there are other options. You could first take it to Car Checks and get a inspection done and see if they find any structural issues (albeit this should have been done BEFORE you bought the car). They do a multi point inspection whilst their mechanical inspection is not extremely indepth their structural check is probably one of the best. They would do a ECU scan as well and if any errorss with the idle stop system props up it shold show it.  Depending on the report you can choose to further look in to mechanical issues they have identified. 

Typically I would tell people to change the timing belt no matter what the mileage is in a car you buy in SL (registered or unregistered). This includes changing things like the tensioner. Also, you may want to look in to replacing things like the crank oil seal whilst you have the thng removed. Then look in to the brake components...if the pads are anything less than 50% or the disks show any signs of chafing..then polish out the disks and change the pads. 

This whole notion of engine tune up is a complete con in SL and the baases till push things that were relevant for carburated engines for EFI engines and change 100x more.

Anyway...along with the timing belt and brakes...you would want to:

- Do a diagnosic scan (if not done during the car inspection) and get those things resolved.

- Change the air filter (if it is dark brown and is beyond the point of cleaning)

- Check the spark plugs and change if needed. I believe they come with iridium plugs and those are good for a very high mileage. It will be up t you to decide if you still want to change it.

- Check the suspension components. If any bushes are cracked and dried out..then it would be best to replace them. Same applies to engine and transmission mounts

- Check the status of the battery and the alternator.

- 2017 tires...usually the life span of tires are 5 to 6 years. SInce your tires are 50-60% worn out anyway...you should plan to change your times in the near future.

- Check the body work for signs of filler/putty. If there are any areas where there is too much filler/putty this can lead to corrosion issues in the near future.

Cars have accidents. Fixing cars are perfectly fine as long as a fixable accident has been fixed properly. So do not disspair just because you see some possible accident damage. But your concern is justified as well as sadly in SL; cars that should have been scrapped after an accident gets repaired very poorly. 



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