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Range Rover Sport Supercharged


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Project KHAN and COSWORTH to tune a RANGE ROVER (Sport? :unsure: )

The new Kahn Cosworth Range Rover Sport will be the first time a production car wears a Cosworth badge since the 1990s. It’s also the first time UK tuning firms Kahn and Cosworth have teamed up to work on a car and the duo seems a perfect match in what’s described as high-end styling meets high-performance tuning.


Kahn has been heavily involved with the aesthetic improvement of Range Rover’s for some time now, creating a range of custom wheel and bodykit packages. However, now that they’ve teamed up with a credible name like Cosworth they’re special-editions may get the grunt to match their looks.


The engine mods being undertaken on the Range Rover Sport haven’t been revealed yet but expect some serious power - the stock supercharged V8 is already putting out almost 400hp. To handle all the power, the chunky Range Rover Sport should also get chassis and brakes upgrades as well.


This June Kahn and Cosworth will reveal their first project - the Kahn Cosworth 300 Range Rover

The Kahn Cosworth Sport 300 will be fitted with the TDV8 engine found in the Range Rover Sport with Cosworth upping power from 268bhp to 300bhp.

This should accelerate the kahn Cosworth Sport 300 from 0-62mph (100kph) in about 8 seconds and on to a top speed of 135mph.

As with all cars built by Yorkshire-based Project Kahn, the Range Rover will get a design overhaul and feature 22-inch alloys with the rear wheels more concaved than the front.

The Kahn Cosworth Sport 300 will also get an aggressive front spoiler, a large rear spoiler, flared arches and a special perforated leather interior.

Production will be limited to 300, with the Kahn Cosworth Sport 300 expected to cost about £75,000 – £20,000 more than the standard Range Rover Sport.


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STRUT too has gone and aunched a new line of carbon fiber exterior accessories for the Range Rover Sport and 2006-2008 model Range Rovers.


Both packages include carbon fiber front grille surround with diamond woven mesh center, carbon fiber side vents and rear STRUT shield emblem for the tailgate.


The full size Range Rover also receives a carbon fiber hood grille and the Range Rover Sport gets a carbon fiber lower front intake vent.


The STRUT Range Rover Sport carbon fiber package is priced at $10,000 and the full size Range Rover package at $12,000

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