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Vitz 2007 Shaking too much


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I am using Vitz 2007 form Sep 2020, immediately after purchased i replaced the rear shocks (KYB).

In Nov 2021, i felt uncomfortable when driving, so i take it to a repairing place in Kotte (well reputed place, a known person introduce the place), they inspect and inform me to change the front shocks, so i changed it.

Again in Feb 2022 they asked me to changed the rear shocks also, then i brought it from Toy#ta L#nka and fixed it.

But after a week the car get shaking too much, can not drive peacefully, even for a small bump the car moving up and down.

Sometimes it shaking horizontally as well, i feel very tired after a drive.

please help me to sort this issue.

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A car's suspension is a lot more than just the shock absorbers. You have stabilizer bars, control arms/links, etc...all working together to keep the car steady.

1. I have to ask...has your car had any accident ? If a car has had a serious accident and the frame/body was pulled out (or even a half-cut body welded in), the car can start driving wierd if the accident repair messed with the left/right balance of the car. So I hope you took it to an official inspection BEFORE you purchased the car so that you could have been certain there was no serious accident repair done.

Okay...now that I gave you a scare...lets go back to some basic causes

You say you just replaced the shock absorbers ? and from Toy#ta L#nka you just bought the shock absorbers ? Who did the repair ?

Did you check if any and all linkages of the suspension are okay ? In the Vitz you get front stabilizer bars, and control arms, knucles, etc....did you check if any of those are worn out ? damaged ? or even fitted improperly.

In the rear did you check the rear assembly unit ? (a black bar that is connected to the bottom of the car and all the suspension parts are fitted to that). Is there any play (i.e. it wiggles and stuff) when you shake it ? Are the mounting bushes good ?

Did you check the springs ? Are the springs of the proper rating (hardness) and size ?

DId you check the hub razors and any components that are used to fix the wheels to the car ?

How is the alignment/camber/toe of the car ? Is it within spec ?

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